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Ænema (Tool) - Bass Cover (With Tabs) by Leo Düzey

by: LeoBassCovers Duration: 06:45

INSTAGRAM: : SERVER : :"Ænema" from Tool's "Ænima" album (1996).Man I always get goosebumps when I watch a live concert of Tool and Maynard starts breathing like"EH, EH, EH, EH". Ænema starts off a bit awkward in terms of bass notes. Lots of open string notes, hammer-on's and pull-offs. Don't try to strum too much in the verses. Especially in the breakdown at 2:11. Just let your right arm rest for a while, you'll definitely need the break. Now, there's something weird going on at 4:58. Something that I've also seen on Stinkfist which is that the higher D-string is tuned just a little bit up. So something like 10 cents off. If you're perfectly in tune, you will sound out of tune at that point. 6:05 is a funny one. There's definitely a chord, but I'm not sure what effect Justin used for it. It sounds like fuzz, but also like some sort of wah-pedal. Anyway, you don't need any pedals for this one. Some important information that nobody is going to read. Tuning : D-A-D-G Artist : ToolAlbum : Ænima (1996)Song : ÆNEMABass : Ibanez SR1805