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24. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Elton John-Live In Seattle: 10/16/1975)

by: GregsynthWizard Duration: 06:07

While Adam (formulaonemad) is uploading those awesome 1985 shows, I'll be uploading some awesome shows of my own! I'll begin by doing a double-upload of Elton's Seattle 1975 shows (then I'll upload some 80s shows)! These Seattle 1975 shows feature an AWESOME set-list (so many classics and underrated gems), excellent band performances, great crowds, and Elton John in less-than-great vocal shape (that will be explained later in the description)! This recording has some slight cuts, but it is otherwise complete, and has great quality (despite being in mono sound). Both Seattle shows are VERY long (this one is pushing three hours, the next night is OVER three hours)! If you are a fan of Elton's early stuff, and his classic hit singles--then these concerts are for you!Although Elton is well-known for his consistent live performances, these two Seattle shows (and to an extent, the Portland 1975 show), feature Elton not in his best vocal form. Although unconfirmed, it sounds like Elton is suffering from an upper respiratory infection, or a chest cold during these shows. His full voice registers (especially his mid-register) have taken a beating, and doesn't sound too great at times. On the other hand, his falsetto sounds unaffected--so there's one vocal register that sounds great!ENJOY!!!