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Hope Mikaelson | Rescue (+2x06)

by: TV Lover Duration: 03:36

I am very proud of this video, I feel that this is probably one of the best videos I have ever made. I hope you liked it as much as I do. Truthfully, I went over 3-4 different songs over the past 2 days. I would choose a song, start making the video and then discard it. It got very frustrating after some time, though I have a feeling that I got to understand what kind of style suits me better. Anyways, enjoy the video!!Details:Name: Hope Mikaelson | Rescue (+2x06)Fandom: Legacies, The Originals (TO)Characters: Hope Mikaelson, Landon Kirby, Klaus (Niklaus) Mikaelson, Freya MikaelsonSong: Rescue by Lauren DaigleInspiration: @pandieexTags: #fanvidfeed, #viddingisart, #tvlover, #hope, #mikaelson, #rescue, #laurendaigleI don't own any of the content besides the editing!