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Hurts 2B Human P!nk and Khalid Cover by Andrea Hamilton

by: Andrea Hamilton Duration: 02:02

I instantly related with this song. Life is a fleeting set of surprises and they're not all easy to process. Sometimes walking through life can include indescribable hurt. The ache of how it should be versus how it is.Plus, P!nk and Khalid are two of my favorite pop writers, so I was beyond stoked when they created this together!! I know they're probably saying "God it hurts to be human" but in my life, I've said this as a prayer - "God, it hurts to be human." "God, why does there have to be so much pain in the world. How did we get so far from what You designed and intended. My comfort, until I face the music, is that in the midst of it all, we have You. You're the only one that ever makes it stop." Remember to like, comment and subscribe!follow me on social @HopefulAndrea :)