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Janet Jackson State of the World Tour (full show)

by: C G Duration: 33:47

UPDATE: I will be re-editing this show adding new songs from the second leg of the tour and some better clips I've come across from the first leg. If you have any clear, high quality clips that you wouldn't mind me including in that edit, send them my way. All footage used in this clip is audience recorded. Set list [email protected]:23 Intro @02:57 The [email protected]:48 State of the [email protected]:19 [email protected]:08 [email protected]:23 [email protected]:34 Miss You [email protected]:41 [email protected]:50 You Want [email protected]:09 [email protected]:25 [email protected]:17 Pleasure [email protected]:28 [email protected]:17 When I Think of [email protected]:47 All 4 [email protected]:14 All Nite (Don't Stop)@32:40 Love Will Never Do (Without You)@35:35 Again (interlude)@38:44 Tweny [email protected]:49 Where Are You [email protected]:59 Come Back to [email protected]:35 The Body that Loves [email protected]:42 Spending Time With [email protected]:55 No [email protected]:44 Got 'Til It's [email protected]:57 That's The Way Love [email protected]:16 Island [email protected]:37 Someone to call my [email protected]:00:06 [email protected]:02:45 Together [email protected]:05:31 What About (interlude)@01:07:58 What [email protected]:11:43 If (guitar solo)@01:13:18 [email protected]:16:58 [email protected]:18:31 Rhythm [email protected]:22:09 (interlude) Livin in a [email protected]:22:49 Black [email protected]:25:09 New [email protected]:26:14 So [email protected]:27:40 Dammn [email protected]:30:41 Well Traveled