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Justin Timberlake x Rihanna - Cry Me A River vs. Rehab (Mash/Remix)

by: Paradise Duration: 04:50

Rihanna and Justin in this video used to be a couple, however Rihanna cheated and is on the run from him (beginning and end of video) Flashbacks go back to Justin singing about how Rihanna cheated on him with another man, however Rihanna sings about how she was mistreated by Justin which made her cheat on him. It then goes back to current events where Rihanna is running from Justin down an empty road (Using videos of Diamonds and What Goes Around, Comes Around.) I figured it could be the same desert area where Rihanna's rehab video was situated. Songs Used: Rihanna - Rehab / Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A RiverVideos Used: Rihanna - Rehab / Diamonds and Justin Tumberlake - Cry Me A River / What Goes Around, Comes Around.Free mp3 Download: credit goes to SME, and any other companies, or people that created any content in this video/song, this is for non-profit purposes.