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Kim Walker-Smith - Insatiable (Official Lyric Video)

by: Jesus Culture Duration: 04:27

Official Lyric Video for "Insatiable" by Kim Walker-Smith, available nowSUBSCRIBE to the Jesus Culture channel: out Jesus Culture's newest release featuring Kim Walker-Smith here: JC on:Instagram: Kim on:Instagram: Jealous for my attentionLonging for my affectionYou call me belovedYou call me friendYou never stop pursuingCraving for communionYou call me belovedYou call me friendI couldn’t dare imagineThe depths of Your devotionWilder than oceansInsatiableYou’ll never stop until You have it allYou can have it allMy heart and soulYou’ll never stop until You have it allSo You can have it allYou can have it allYou can have my attentionYou can have my affectionCause You are my belovedYou are my friendI’ll never stop pursuingCraving for communionCause You are my belovedMy closest friendJesus I surrenderBecome my one obsession‘Til nothing else mattersYour love is an all-consuming fireYour love is an all-consuming fireAnd all that You ask for is surrenderYour love is an all-consuming fire