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Miranda Lambert, 'It All Comes Out In The Wash' - Lyrics and Inspiration

by: Taste of Country Duration: 01:52

#MirandaLambert "It All Comes Out In the Wash" is an infectious country bop that quickly turns the corner on a new chapter in her life and career.The playful lyric is decidedly less personal than anything she released on her last album, The Weight of These Wings (2016). For the first time in nearly half a decade her single needs no map back to her personal life. There's no drama, just a bouncy country melody and a few laugh-out-loud lyrics. #ItAllComesOutIntheWash isn't a statement or a response or a page from anyone's diary — it's just a song and boy does that ever feel nice.See the #Lyrics below.If you're new, Subscribe! → Download the app → Go here → us → us → our newsletter → #NashvilleMiranda Lambert, "It All Comes Out In the Wash" Lyrics: (Lambert, Lori McKenna, Hillary Lindsey, Liz Rose)If you wear a white shirt to a crawfish boil / Stonewashed jeans while you’re changing the oil / When you find yourself dating the bridesmaid’s ex / You accidentally bring him to the wedding, whoops.If you pour yourself a Merlot to go / You dip your fries in your ketchup on a bumpy road / You spill the beans to your mama, sister got knocked up / In a truck at the 7-Eleven, don’t sweat it.Chorus:‘Cause it’ll all come out, all come out in the wash / It’ll all come out, all come out in the wash / Every little stain, every little heartbreak, no matter how messy it got / You take the sin, and the men, and you throw ‘em all in / And you put that sucker on spin.You got frisky with your boss at the copy machine / You drunk dialed your ex-husband, don’t remember a thing / Had a fancy dinner at your mother-in-law’s / Spilled A1 sauce on her table cloth, don’t sweat it / A Tide stick will get it.Repeat ChorusAnd the laundry list goes like this / Every teardrop, every white lie / Every dirty cotton sheet, let it line dry / All the mistakes, all the wild streaks / That’s why the good Lord made bleach Oh, oh.Repeat ChorusYeah, you put that sucker on spin / And around and around and around and around we go / ‘Round and around and around and around we go.