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Red Rocks Worship - You Will Be My Song (Live from Evergreen)

by: Red Rocks Worship Duration: 05:56

Listen to new music from spark.:Spotify:!49Apple Music:!49YouTube:!49Amazon Music:!49Connect with Red Rocks Worship:Instagram:!49Facebook:!49Twitter:!49Email List:!49Website:!49Lyrics: Blessed assuranceI can’t seem to find You right nowHere in the heartacheI can’t seem to feel You right nowYou can handle all my questionsYou can handle all my doubtsYou’re not thrown off by my wanderingYou are with me nowI will lift my eyes, I will lift my eyesThis will be my story all of my life longYou will be my songBlessed assuranceWhisper Your peace through the nightHere is my promiseForever Jesus is mineI will worship through my questionsI will worship through my doubtsYou’re not shaken by my wanderingYou are with me nowYou are closer than I knowYou’re the answer for my soulThis I know, You are faithfulMy Defender in the fightYou’re the anchor for my lifeThis I know, You are faithfulYou are wild in your loveYou will always be enoughThis I know, You are faithfulYou took on the cross for meRose again and now I’m freeThis I know, You are faithfulNicole Serrano, Jerrica Matrone, Ryan Williams© 2018 Songs of Red Rocks Worship Publishing / Be Essential Songs (BMI) (admin. at; Red Rocks Worship / All Essential Music (ASCAP) (admin. at; River Valley Church Music (ASCAP) (admin by Music Services, Inc)#RedRocksWorship #YouWillBeMySong #spark