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Sucker is a new and original song which doesn't plagiarize at all

by: Triple-Q Duration: 03:12

Download:!Jl93VSaD!cStsFwGFFEICybVskyH7Rbreqrytc1t_ZIY2p8imqNUThe Jonas Brothers have put out an all new song and it is entirely original and doesn't rip anything off. Nope, not at all!Songs used:"Sucker" - Jonas Brothers"Smooth" - Santana feat. Rob Thomas"Feel It Still" - Portugal. The Man"O Green World" - Gorillaz"Kyun! Vampire Girl" - Yumi Hara"GAS GAS GAS" - Manuel"The Only Thing I Know For Real" - Tyson Yen, Jamie Christopherson"Please Mr. Postman" - The Marvelettes"What I Like About You" - The Romanticsand of course..."Planet Wisp - Act 1" - Kenichi Tokoi