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Tool - Lateralus (Bass Cover) (Play Along Tabs In Video)

by: CoverSolutions Duration: 09:44

BECOME A PATRON AND GET THE SONG YOU WANT: PLAYER I USE:!XWxUUSaS!0MMNcZED82illNFVOEj4TwTWITCH: And Comments:- Playing Technique: Played next to the bridge pickup most of the time except for strummed parts, they are played mostly on middle and next to the neck pickup. Dynamics are applied to the song. Intro goes in crescendo. Try listening to the drums and follow the intensity within them, replicate that onto your instrument. Played with both pickups, full tone- Gear Sound: Fresh strings. All digital. Not quite happy with this, is always a difficult tone to replicateFirst channel is used for the cleaner quieter parts. Includes high gain amp, good amount of high mids, little bit of treble, then raised low and high end. For the second channel (used on choruses and heavy parts) i add some fuzz and cut some bass to the same channel, then blend with less amount.For the effect part (i'm not very happy with it) i used fuzz, then distortion on chain (low tone, high gain) then a whammy pedal set to octave. Each time you hit the note you go 0 to 100 with the pedal gradually then back to 0. Hit the pedal after the attack. You will have better luck with real analog pedals. This wasn't that good. I'm not sure this is the original way of doing it, but definitely uses whammy.For the final "spiral out" part i left the 3 channels on the switch to 2 channel for the end- About The Song: Transcribed from studio version with help of live videos. For some reason the software notates brackets on the rhythm notation badly, most of this is ternary time so you should group 8th in 3s, not 2s, that would make it easier to readNeed more tips? Just comment!*All the tabs in this channel are created by me, if you have any advice in the transcription feel free to comment!*Gear: Taurus t-24 Washburn 4 String Bass (D'addario .045 Standard Strings or Dunlop .045)/ Ibanez SA 120 Guitar/ Alesis Dm6 Drums - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Interface - PC (Digital Processing)