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With You | Official Lyric Video | At Midnight | Elevation Worship

by: Elevation Worship Duration: 09:55

Elevation Worship brings you the official lyric video for “With You,” from their album “At Midnight." Find chord charts, lyrics, and more at: everywhere now: EW Website | Apple Music | | | | Pandora | Play | with Elevation Worship:Facebook | | | the surfaceOf my anxious imaginationBeckons a calmnessThat is found in You aloneIt washes over every doubtEvery imperfectionJesus your presenceIs the comfort of my soul There’s nowhere I’d rather beWhen you’re singing over meI just wanna be here with YouI’m lost in Your mysteryI’m found in Your love for meI just wanna be here with YouHere in the waitingI’m not worried about tomorrowNo need to focusOn the things I can’t controlAll my attentionOn the wonder of this momentJesus your presence Is the comfort of my soul So let all that I amBe consumed with who You areOh the glory of Your presence What more could I ask forWritten by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, Tiffany Hammer CCLI: 7118565ISRC: US-PJT-19-00029#elevationworship #withyou #atmidnight #officiallyricvideo