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Music Producer Reacts to EXO - Tempo (The Comeback!!!)

Upload : 5 Nov 2018
Channel  : Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato
Duration : 10.09
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It feels good to listen to some more EXO again! I loved "Monster" but now they're back with "Tempo" and I was excited to listen! I knew it would be good, and sorry I'm late, but...the song wasnt going anywhere! You knew I'd get to it eventually! I'm playing catch up in the K Pop game! I'm new to it all and so far I'm amazed by all the talent!

Outro Song: Joey Nato - 12 Roads

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Attention artists! I produced the beats that are playing in the background of this video during the talking segments. If you would like to purchase/lease any instrumentals, please email me. My email address is in my "About" section on my YouTube channel.