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GIMS, Maluma - Hola Señorita (Maria) [Official Video]

Upload : 10 Mei 2019
Channel  : Maluma
Duration : 3.33
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GIMS, Maluma - Hola Señorita (Maria) [Official Video]

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Production Company: Corner Films
Director: Said C. Naciri
Producer: Mamoun Naciri
DOP: Thierry Arbogast
Editor: Ibrahim Elasri
VFX: Anas Haidar
Steadicam Operator: Teva Vasseur
Art work: Nabil Boudarqa
Filmed in the Riad « The Secret », Marrakesh and at the Bassin de la Menara, Marrakesh. Courtesy of the Moroccan Culture and Communication Ministry.

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