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What Movies Really Look Like Before & After Special Effects (VFX)

Upload : 5 Okt 2018
Channel  : FactoFusion
Duration : 5.50
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Come behind the scenes and see what movies really look like.
The Before & After VFX of some of the best Hollywood Blockbusters are present in this video.
From the famous Game of Thrones and its dragons to Dwanyne Johnson's Disaster flick San Andreas, this video will reveal how the actors looked before & after special CGI effects and overlays were applied. With some of the best VFX teams such as DNEG, Framestore, Digital Domain,etc working very hard behind the scenes.
You'll also see just how different it looks in real life with the backdrop of Green screen, and how realistic the VFX actually make it look post production.

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Featured List: 5 Movies Before & After Special Effects
At number 5: Jurassic World
At number 4: Game of Thrones
At number 3: Black Panther
At number 2: San Andreas
At number 1: Avengers: Infinity War

So guys, which movie had the best Special Effects?
Let us know in the comments below..
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