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8 HP Terbaik Harga 3-4 Jutaan Yg Sangggup buat Apa Aja!

Upload : 26 Mar 2019
Channel  : Ponsel Heboh
Duration : 10.53
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#HargaHP #HPMurah

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Link Pembelian (Harga Dapat Berubah Sewaktu-Waktu) :

8. Oppo F11 Pro
Bukalapak :http://bit.ly/2CG7kuM
Tokopedia :http://bit.ly/2URW8lL

7. Pocophone F1
Bukalapak :http://bit.ly/2UUYnVL
Tokopedia :http://bit.ly/2CDlyfX

6. Vivo V15
Bukalapak :http://bit.ly/2CDlHA1
Tokopedia :http://bit.ly/2CFl359

5. Samsung Galaxy A50
Bukalapak :http://bit.ly/2CCEpaU
Tokopedia :http://bit.ly/2CFm0KD

4.Huawei Nova 3i
Bukalapak : http://bit.ly/2CBHh88
Tokopedia : http://bit.ly/2CE6sqG

3. Nokia 6.1 Plus RAM 4GB
Bukalapak :http://bit.ly/2UVfDdh
Tokopedia :http://bit.ly/2CCYYEp

2. Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 RAM 6GB
Bukalapak :http://bit.ly/2CDlNYp
Tokopedia :http://bit.ly/2CCZ2nD

1. Honor 10 Lite
Bukalapak :http://bit.ly/2UXmv9Y
Tokopedia :http://bit.ly/2CAgxEY

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