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cris & joana | how i need your attention

Upload : 24 Apr 2019
Channel  : Bingewatchaddict
Duration : 3.26
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I can't believe I've waited for the cuddle clip for days and no, we're already back on the angst!
Skam ain't good for my health I swear, my mood is deeply connected with the clips. I can't believe we're already on hell week (again!), they're changing the order of so many scenes, I have no idea what to expect for saturday.

I also wanted to thank all of you, I gained so many followers since my last video about these two (reaching 1K! thank you so much!!!), I hope you'll like this one too. I'm not sure I'm completely satisfied with it, but my heart is aching so much for Cris it's distracting, I wanted one cute scene post-kiss before the drama to come!!!
Nevertheless this was one of the most beautiful first kiss of skam for me, they looked like actual mermaids, last saturday's clip was truly a work of art.

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