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Oscars Cringiest Moments Of All Times | ⭐OSSA

Upload : 18 Feb 2019
Channel  : OSSA
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Watch embarrassing Oscars fails of all time in our video! Brutal Oscars scandals and the Academy awards cringe acceptance speeches right here! Are you expecting for Oscar 2019 fails to happen as well?
Jimmy Kimmel and Seth MacFarlane know that hosting Oscars is not an easy task. Watch our compilation of Jimmy Kimmel Oscars awkward moments, Seth MacFarlane Oscars horrible song, Neil Patrick Harris Oscars embarrassing performance and James Franco and Anne Hathaway Oscars most awful duo hosting. Did you know Neil Patrick Harris was once hosting Oscars in his underwear? You will find much more surprising details in our video! John Travolta messed up with Idina Menzel name. How did John Travolta Idina Menzel scandal finish? And don’t forget about Jennifer Lawrence graceful falls. All Jennifer Lawrence fails right here! Also watch the most embarrassing speeches from James Cameron, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sam Smith. Find out about Jan Chapman Oscars photo mess up, when they used her picture instead of Janet Patterson photo when she passed away. Check out the list of these cringy moments and funny moments of the most popular TV fails.

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