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EnduroGP Germany 2019 | Enduro World Championship | Day 1 | Highlights

Upload : 4 Apr 2019
Channel  : EnduroLife.com
Duration : 10.04
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Steve Holcombe (GBR-Beta), the quadruple World Champion, had an amazing Day 1 at the Enduro GP Germany / Dahlen and won 8 specials. At the end of the day, he was on top of the overall standings by 67 seconds clear from the quickest rival, Danny McCanney (GBR-TM).

Without being a serious threat to Holcombe, McCanney won 2 specials and seemed comfortable with his new bike. His pace helped him finished before Brad Freeman (GBR-Beta) and kept hopes high for the final day.

Freeman was really comfortable in the morning session and was in second place but by the time went on he lost his pace and found himself fighting for P3 with Christophe Nambotin (FRA - GAS GAS).

Alex Salvini (ITA - Honda) and Eero Remes (FIN - Yamaha) were the unfortunates of the Day 1.

✦✦✦ Results ✦✦✦
1st Steve HOLCOMBE
2nd Daniel MCCANNEY
3rd Brad FREEMAN
4th Christophe NAMBOTIN
5th Loïc LARRIEU

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