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MCU Losses That Can't Be Reversed In Phase 4

Upload : 16 Mei 2019
Channel  : TheBinger
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Avengers: Endgame Brought A Lot Of Heartbreaking Losses
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Warning, the following video requires the viewer to re-live emotional distress caused by Avengers Endgame. We’re here to remind you not everyone got a happy ending.

Fans know for a fact the Black Widow is gone for good. Which, if that’s the case, then so is Gamora (technically). However, time travel makes things difficult to account for. We know Loki is still gone; we saw him and Heimdal suffer the same fate on the ship Thanos destroyed. Vision is also gone, and we need to talk about what that means for the story. However, not every loss was sad. Nebula from the past met her demise before she could complete her mission. Farming Thanos wasn’t able to seek out a comfy retirement, and the Thanos at the end of the film appears to suffer an even worse fate. Not to mention, some characters were forced to stay gone for good for the sake of the narrative. However, all of these losses can’t compare to the big elephant in the room.

You know which one we’re talking about, but you’ll just have to watch and see how we’re taking the news here at The Binger.

Black Widow
Loki (technically)
Nebula from 2014
2018 Thanos
The Ancient One
2014 Thanos
Tony Stark

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