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cris & joana | no one's ever looked at me that way

Upload : 7 Apr 2019
Channel  : Bingewatchaddict
Duration : 3.45
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Please watch in 1080p.
#fanvidfeed #skamespaña

Finally!!! The first season with a wlw main in skam!
Thank god for the remakes.
Not even two episodes in, and I'm already invested like crazy in this pair. The chemistry, the heart eyes... dios mio we won't survive.
Although I'll admit I was shooked in the last clip, people keep repeating Cris isn't spanish Isak, that this isn't spanish Evak but it seems they're following the same plot so far... and I wasn't pleased to meet spanish Sonja in the slightest. And here I was expecting Ruben trouble first...
Still... can't wait to see where this will go! I trust them, this remake really knows how to mix up things, their season 1 really stood out.

Program: Sony Vegas 13
Song : Counting Paths by Matthew and the Atlas

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