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Laura and Aubrey Casual

Upload : 22 Jul 2016
Channel  : coco payne
Duration : 8.14
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The story between these two is just starting, it seems like Aubrey has the wheel in this road and Laura is just going with the flow and trying to figure out everything that’s been going on through the episodes of the series. I feel like they both connect in a certain way that makes them special because they both aspire most of the same things and they both have like a hipsterish mood. Hope this story goes further so that we can see where this is going. They are two young and beautiful teenagers that are just living their lives and trying new things while going on with their life situations.

This videos/the music used in the video is not mine, im not the owner.

Videos (season 2 episodes 3-6): From Casual Hulu

Songs (Give me love, Ed Sheeran, Kiss me, Ed Sheeran, Thousand years, Christina Perri and All i want, Kodaline: Youtube


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