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Clean Bandit (FT. Ellie Goulding) - Mama (WK Remix)

Upload : 19 Des 2018
Channel  : Weston Kenyon
Duration : 4.55
1.288   21   2

This beautiful Clean Bandit song featuring the angelic voice of Ellie Goulding was recently released, and literally the moment I finished listening, I hopped on FL Studio to make a WK remix. This has been the easiest, most pleasant-to-make remix I've done yet. Get ready for vocal chops, drops, and quite a few build-ups, 'cause this track kind of thumps. God bless and enjoy!

The original track:


Song: Mama
Artist: Clean Bandit, Ellie Goulding
Remixed by: Weston Kenyon

Created on FL Studio 20

I can be found on SoundCloud under the name Weston Kenyon.

All credit for the original song goes to the proper owner(s).
Ellie Goulding:
Clean Bandit: